At Nexus Systems Inc. provide our clients with the services needed to run their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability.

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Telecommunications Services

Nexus Systems is a single source for hardware, software, installation and integration, and technical support for all products. We build, manage, and support high-speed communications networks while prioritizing the needs of the customers above all. Providing Internet services, Wide Area Networks, and long-haul data transport circuits support to hospitals, schools, government, and other carriers mean we must provide the highest levels of service.

The First Call - The Only Call

Nexus Systems serves businesses and school districts in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. We make it our priority to keep those customers connected.

When the education of your children or the reputation of your business is at stake, availability is very important, and you need immediate, local solutions. At Nexus, we prefer to be the "first call" and the "only call" for your networking and technology needs.

Quality Services You Can Trust

At Nexus Systems, we understand that your business needs the support of quality vendors who can provide reliable hardware, software, network services, and support. You must be able to depend on technology service providers, just as you depend on other vendors to keep your business moving forward. Nexus Systems provides dependable, quality services you can trust.

Connecting Our Communities

Nexus has been awarded 8 United States Department of Agriculture Community Connect grants to implement high-speed Internet links in otherwise unserved communities in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. We take great pride in improving access and helping boost economic activity in our region.


Nexus Systems Inc. was built on the assumption that the management of information technology for schools and businesses is like legal services, accounting, graphic designing, and other bodies of knowledge, in that it is not inherently a do-it-yourself project. Knowledgeable business people need the support of quality vendors who can provide reliable hardware, software, network service, and support. Businesses must be able to depend on vendors of technology services, as they depend on other professional service providers. They must be able to place great trust in the quality of their services.

We have long-established relationships with school, parish and state governmental agencies that we have served through the years. By offering professional services that include workflow and network design, management information systems support, and value-added support benefits, such as "one call" solutions, we will continue to be the business technology provider of choice.


363 VENABLE LANE | MONROE, LA 71203 | 318-340-0750 | 1-866-340-0750


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